Society for you does not differentiate between human beings in terms of  Debt or Ethnicity or  color

For You

For You Charity was founded in 2005 as a voluntary work at the hands of a team interested in Elderly Affairs.
A lot of problems which faced by this category were monitored through several visits to the various nursing homes and a research under the name “ An elderly shall be treated with respect and dignity” as well.
The most important problems faced by this category are the flowing:
- The staff are not qualified; they do not know to treat this category of people.
- Lack of proper health and psychological care for this category of people, despite the fact that they have given their whole life raising their children and serving the community. So, they shall have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. That is how the idea of “For You Charity” came into our mind as mentioned above, especially with the presence of specialists in our team, such as doctors, social workers and others who helped us crystallizing the idea. Then the idea developed and was announced in 2011.

“An elderly shall be treated with respect and dignity.” “A community shall coexist with humanity”

“Caregiving for the greatest possible number of elderly throughout Egypt”
“Creating opportunities for women and youth”  
“Reducing community problems that facing us such as: Unemployment, sexual harassment and violence against women”

“Providing a decent life for the elderly and empowering women and Youth”

“Respect values, dignity and beliefs of the elderly”
“Perseverance, ambition and commitment”

For You

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